Module Exercises

In 2017 and 2018 the European Commiss finances five exercises for civil protection. In the scenario a heavy earthquake with floodings and mudslides occuried in the country of Modulistan. In this setting differnt so called modules can be trained: three types of search and rescue units, three types of medical units, assistance and support Teams and coordination teams of the EU.

After this module exersices (ModEX) the participants within thier modules have more routine and new skills to assist coping natural desasters in and outside the European Union.

This exercises are developed, planed and implemented by an international consortium and financed by the commission of the European Union.

In practice these modules can be trained during the exercises:

Medium and Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

  • USAR in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) conditions
  • Advanced Medical Post with or without Surgery (AMP/S)
  • Field Hospital (FHOS)
  • Technical Assistance Support Team (TAST)
  • Experts of a Union Civil Protection Team (UCPT)

In ModEX additional the USAR modules have the opportunity of re-classification for standards of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG).

Oct 12 - Oct 15 Merseyside/England


In October 2017 ModEX took place at Merseyside in England. Four different training areas were used: Bury Training and Safety Centre, Croxtech Community Fire...
Jan 26 - Jan 29 Tinglev/Denmark


In January 2018 ModEX took place at Tinglev in Denmark. The DEMA Emergency Services College is situated in the southern part of the peninsula Jutland around...
Mar 20 - Mar 23 Professional Training Centre, 3400 Montana, 10 Sirma Voivoda str.


In March 2018 ModEX took place at the Professional Training Centre at Montana in Bulgaria...
May 24 - May 27 Austrian Red Cross Bezirksstelle Eisenerz, Radmeisterstraße 1, 8790 Eisenerz


In May 2018 ModEX took place at Eisenerz in Austria. The training ground is an old mining area, which partly is still used....


From 14 October to 18 2018 ModEX took place in the Romanian capital Bucharest. Find photos and video footage of the exercise....