Directorate General Fire Safty and Civil Protection
Ministry of Interior, Republic of Bugaria


Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection (DG FSCP) is a specialized national institution for fire safety, rescue and civil protection in cases of disasters and accidents. Main activities cover:

  • Fire-fighting
  • Rescue
  • Voluntary formations
  • State fire safety control
  • Prevention activity and control
  • Science application and expert work
  • Information and analyses
  • International cooperation and humanitarian operations
  • International projects

DGFSCP has 4 Civil Protection Modules registered in European Commission:

  • Medium Urban Search and Rescue – (MUSAR)
  • Search and Rescue in CBRN Conditions – (SARCBRN)
  • Ground Forest Fires Fighting Module – (GFFF)
  • High Capacity Pumping Module – (HCP)

At the moment DGFSCP is in process to register of a Ground forest firefighting using vehicles module (GFFF-V) in the European Emergency Response Capacity (EERC) – The Voluntary Pool.

Rescue teams of DGFSCP have real experience and participated in numerous rescue operations both in the country and in humanitarian operations, international missions.


Svetlin Stanev

(Expert in  International Cooperation, NATO, EU & Humanitarian Operations Department)


1309 София, 171А Pirotska str.

Mobile: +359.888.783.185

Some of them are: earthquakes in Turkey -1999 and Iran – 2003; search and rescue operations in Turkey and Serbia and Montenegro – 2004; forest fires in Greece – 2007, Russia and Israel – 2010; floods in Serbia 2014.

In the training activities DGFSCP has Professional Training Centre in the town of Montana, for preparation of first responders to disasters, accidents and catastrophes and CBRN experts. The first major international field exercise financed by the European Commission and hosted by Bulgaria – EU TACOM 2006 was conducted in area of Montana.

DGFSCP participate actively in the Training Program of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. From 2012 DGFSCP is a partner with German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V Germany (JUH), Cyprus Civil Defence (CCD) in organizing and conducting of Assessment Mission Courses (AMC) for UCP experts in Cyprus. In previous 13-th cycle of the Training program DGFSCP hosted theoretical part of the course. Within current 14-th cycle DGFSCP is a leading partner of the consortium conducting Seminar for Mechanism Experts (SME).

As the responsible national civil protection authority, DGFSCP has major experience and good cooperation with other public authorities, national ambulance, voluntary rescue formations and police. This is prerequisite for realizing all aspects of Host Nation Support in case of receiving international humanitarian assistance.