Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA)


The DEMA is a Danish civilian, governmental agency under the Ministry of Defence. DEMA’smission is to cushion the effects of accidents and disasters on society and to prevent harm to people, property and the environment. Consequently, DEMA has a series of operational, supervisory and regulatory functions concerning emergency management and preparedness. DEMA is the highest national preparedness authority and also operates a number of operational emergency response capacities.

DEMA’s six national fire and rescue centres offer assistance to the police and fire and rescue services in major, personnel-intensive responses and in situations requiring specialized equipment. The fire and rescue centres are also activated for international responses. Five of the centres has up to 80 conscripts and 100 volunteers. The sixth centre is the base of a force of more than 300 volunteers. In major incidents DEMA can rapidly upgrade its strength with up to 1.150 conscripts, officers and volunteers.

DEMA provides expert advice and assistance on incidents involving hazardous chemical or unknown substances and lead the response of the Danish authorities in case of a nuclear emergency abroad. Among the specialized services is also the DEMA Heavy Urban Search and Rescue capacity with its canine rescue teams and the Danish Mobile Emergency Hospital with its Mobile Trauma Care Unit with a capacity for orthopedic surgery.

Within the later years major fires, floodings, storm damages, chemical spills and oil pollutions are examples of the national incidents that requires assistance from the fire and rescue centres. Examples of DEMA international missions in 2015 and 2016 are the deployment of experts for different EU missions and the establishment of camp facilities for refugees and aid workers in for example West Africa, Nepal and Haiti.

DEMA’s regulatory functions include both technical prevention and behavioural prevention. DEMA is also responsible for promoting and coordinating the planning for accidents and disasters that may have a serious adverse impact on critical functions of society. DEMA carry out the planning and conduct of national emergency management exercises.

DEMA is an experienced partner within training and exercises in the field of civil protection. For many years DEMA has played a key role in the training of national and international humanitarian aid and civil protection experts.

Within the past six years the DEMA Emergency Services College hosted 11 full scale USAR exercises – among these the Dutch, Belgium and Danish USAR teams successful INSARAG reclassification. Three of the exercises have been EU MODEX USAR field exercises.


Kasper Borg Nielsen
(Senior Advisor)

DEMA Centre for Education
Datavej 16
3460 Birkerød, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 4590 6000
Direct: (+45) 4590 6071
Mobile: (+45) 2563 9496


For the past years DEMA has been involved in a wide range of courses under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism Training Programme and has hosted many courses at the DEMA Staff College. In the present cycle of the programme DEMA is a partner in different consortiums responsible for conducting the Security Course, the Staff Management Course, the Operational Management Course and the Seminars for Mechanism Experts.

DEMA is a partner in a consortium implementing the EU PPRD East 2 programme in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. DEMA is responsible for the programme’s civil protection training and exercises. Among other activities DEMA has been hosting six training courses and expert visits.

DEMA was a partner in the EU IPA programme on Civil Protection Cooperation for candidate countries and potential candidates. DEMA was planning and conducting a total of 14 courses and 12 workshops in the Western Balkans.