The Crisis Management Centre Finland is a governmental institution and a centre of expertise in civilian crisis management. Currently CMC employs 26 staff members, out of which eight are involved in capacity building activities in civilian crisis management and civil protection. The main tasks of CMC Finland are to train and recruit experts for international civilian crisis management, civil protection and peace building missions as well as conduct research focusing on operational aspects of these areas. CMC Finland acts as a national head office for all seconded Finnish civilian crisis management professionals.

The responsibility of civilian crisis management is shared between two ministries in Finland: the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the political coordination of civilian crisis management and thus decides which missions Finnish experts may take part in, while the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for issues concerning national capacity building on a strategic level. CMC Finland operates under the Ministry of the Interior and carries out the operational tasks of training and recruitment, as well as research and development.

CMC Finland has been actively involved in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism for several years. It has extensive experience in organising civil protection, humanitarian and peacebuilding-related exercises. The centre has conducted and co-organised several large scale exercises within EU, UN, NATO and Barents region.

In addition to exercises, CMC Finland organises around 50 training events annually. Its training courses are divided into basic, mission-specific and specialised courses. Courses with civil protection or humanitarian aid linkages include particularly the national trainings for Finland’s own modules and experts, courses with UN counterparts such as the annual UN CMCoord and OPCW courses. The courses conducted within the framework of IHP form an additional important part of CMC training events. CMC is also the home office for Finland’s national EU Training Coordinator which eases the organisation’s cooperation with other Participating States training authorities.


Ms Johanna Malmelin

(Project Coordinator)

Crisis Management Centre (CMC) Finland

PO Box 1325, FI-70821 Kuopio

mobile: +358 (0)50 452 2715

CMC has planned, managed and implemented several EC funded projects. The centre initiated the development of an urban search and rescue (USAR) module suitable for working in cold conditions in the Cold Conditions Module for the EU Community Mechanism, followed by Cold Conditions Module II. Furthermore, CMC Finland coordinated EU CoordEX 2014 project which contained a large coordination exercise aiming to involve all participating states to contribute to a more comprehensive and better coordinated EUs disaster response. Currently CMC coordinates the EU Nordic Modules (EU-NOM) project, which continues the work of Cooperation project on strengthening EU’s Nordic USAR modules (EU-NU).

The crosscutting themes of CMC Finland are comprehensive crisis management, gender and UNSCR 1325, and cultural awareness in operations. CMC Finland also manages EU Civil Protection experts, a HUSAR Team (INSARAG classified) and a TAST Team, and is in charge of recruiting, equipping and training them.