Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior


The Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) is a public entity with more than 30.000 employees – including the entire police corps – with a wide range of competencies ranging from domestic security to intrastate legislation. Under the Minister of the Interior there are 4 Directorates-General with a total of more than 50 departments and additional agencies. Although civil protection and disaster coordination are – legally speaking- a “Länder”-competency the overall national and international coordination is assigned to the BM.I specifically to the Directorate-General for Public Security and its Department for Crisis and Disaster Management (Dept. II/13). Therefore, the BM.I serves as an information-, communication- and coordination hub for all matters relating to national and international disaster and crisis management.

As the national competent authority for disaster and crisis management the BM.I is represented at all levels, nationally and internationally, and serves as a focal point for all national police forces, other national Ministries and Agencies, ambulance, fire- and rescue services as well as all international institutions as the EU, NATO/PfP and UN.

The Department II/13 is in charge of all operational and strategic matters relating to disaster and crisis management. Consequently, the department is responsible for the selection of experts as well as modules and in-kind support for all international deployments. It also has the responsibility in running the federal alarming system, which is tested all over the country once a year.

The Department II/13 also hosts the school for civil protection training, which offers courses in three main areas: course on civil protection in Austria, training for police officers in CBRN, and training for police officers in radiation protection.

For many years the BM.I managed to become partner and organizer of many international and European projects and has proven to be a reliable and competent partner. Especially the successful planning, conduction and organization of the High Level Coordination Courses (HLC) in Austria, the High Level Coordination Refresher Courses as well as the Head of Team Course in a consortium gives a reference to the competence and professionalism of the BM.I. Within the current framework contract for EU Civil Protection Training Courses until 2020 the BM.I is partner in consortia conducting Modules Basic Courses (MBC) and Technical Expert Courses (TEC) [Lot 2] as well as High Level Coordination Courses (HLC) and Courses on Negotiation and Decision Making (CND) [Lot 6]. Hence, improved cooperation with other training centres as well as continuity and building-up on the European Civil Protection Training Program are ensured. During the 6th Modules Exercise Cycle the BM.I actively contributed in different consortia as venue manager, exercise director, trainer and support for the exercise conduction to Modules Table Top and Modules Field Exercises.

In the present consortium, the BM.I is keeping the consortium partners and all involved stakeholders updated on the latest developments within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Furthermore, exercise control will be reinforced by experienced staff and role players. Whenever deemed necessary the BM.I will use its huge network to make available the right role players and trainers.