Second day of the exercise

The second day of the exercise is close to be over and the participating modules/teams had a lot of challenges to overcome. After being allowed to enter Modulistan with all their equipment first assessments have been done to locate a proper place for their Base of Operations.

The team built up their tents and sorted their equipment to be operational and to start with the „real“ work. The USAR teams were needed at different sites to search and rescue trapped civilians, the EMT had to treat first patients. TAST and UCPT were participating at different meetings, assessed important hubs like the sea- and airport to collect and coordinate the needs of Modulistan. The EURACARE Flight & Shelter capacity registered stranded European civilians to be evacuated out of Modulistan.

The work of the modules/ teams got hindered throughout the day with an aftershock, escaped prisoners, diarrhea and other unexpected events. Now even the weather puts pressure on the participants. Strong wind and rain resolved in first destroyed tents.

Let’s see what the next and last day of the exercise has to offer for the modules/teams.

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