First Day of Modex in Tinglev

The EU ModEX in Tinglev, Denmark just started and the participating teams are arriving at the border crossing point in Padborg to enter Modulistan.

For this exercise a heavy USAR team from Finland (FinRescue) is doing their INSARAG re-classification. Classifiers from different parts of the world will follow them and classify their work. We keep the finger crossed for a successful exercise.

Further a medium USAR team from Estonia, an Italian EMT 2 as well as a new response Capacity to repatriate European citizens will participate. The send EUCP team will be supported by a Romanian TAST and a light TAST from the Netherlands. The TAST from the Netherlands are going through their certification to join the EU voluntary pool of response capacities. Good luck as well. Looks like an exciting and challenging exercise lies ahead of us.

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