Second day of „mission“ in Modulistan


During the second day of the “mission” all teams were quite busy fulfilling their tasks. The Union Civil Protection Team assessed different sites, produced situation reports as well as maps with the support of the Italian TAST and coordinated the EU assistance with ERCC and with local authorities. Also the Duke of Lancaster visited the OSOCC to get informed about the situation in Modulistan and to thank the international teams for their support in person.

The ICE-SAR and FRA-MUSAR were working on different USAR sites, assessing the situation on site, searching for casualties to finally find a way through collapsed buildings to rescue these people. Assessment support was given by the French RPAS module, using a drone to also receive footage of places which were not accessible.

The German EMT 1 mobile were faced with a lot of different casualties and situations: Shocked patients, pregnant women given birth, abrasions, broken bones and more severe injuries.


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