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  • Modex Montana
22 Mrz
Modex Montana

Cooperation between UCPT and TAST

The Union Civil Protection Experts were well supported by the TAST of the Italian Fire Service during their mission in Modulistan.             ...
22 Mrz
Modex Montana

Danish CBRN-SD module

The Danish CBRN sampling and detection module supporting local authorities in a traffic accident with dangerous chemical substances.           ...
22 Mrz
Modex Montana

Turkish AKUT MUSAR at work

AKUT MUSAR team working their way through destroyed Hotel International to rescue buried victims.               ...
22 Mrz
Modex Montana

USAR operations of the Georgian MUSAR module

USAR operation started in the earthquake effected city of Montana at the heavily damaged Hotel International.        ...
21 Mrz
Modex Montana - Uncategorised

Establishment of Base of Operation

After assessing different possible sites, a decision for a BoO as well as a subOSOCC was made. The teams started unpacking their equipment and building up...
20 Mrz
Modex Montana

International assistance for Modulistan

The Turkish medium USAR module from AKUT arrived first on the border crossing point and established after custom procedure the RDC (Reception and Departure...
20 Mrz
Modex Montana

EU ModEX in Montana, Bulgaria started

The next Module Exercise in Montana, Bulgaria started today. Teams from Denmark, Georgia, Italy and Turkey participating in this ModEX within the Union Civil...

Recent exercises

Tinglev/DK and Hohn/DE
(26.01. - 29.01.2018)

Exercise impressions from Tinglev and Hohn

27 Jan
Modex Tinglev

Second day of the exercise

The second day of the exercise is close to be over and the participating modules/teams had a lot of challenges to overcome. After being allowed to enter...
26 Jan
Modex Tinglev

First Day of Modex in Tinglev

The EU ModEX in Tinglev, Denmark just started and the participating teams are arriving at the border crossing point in Padborg to enter Modulistan....

(12.10. - 15.10.2017)

Exercise impressions from Merseyside

14 Okt
Modex Merseyside

Aftershock hits Modulistan!

A severe aftershock is recorded in Modulistan with a 6.3 Magnitude but fairly shallow at 4km depth and the Epicenter being Neston. The teams are now looking...
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In May 2018 ModEX takes place at Eisenerz in Austria. The training ground is an old mining area, which partly is still used....

Aix en Provence/France

In October 2018 a ModEX takes place at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Sapeurs-Pompiers (ENSOSP)....

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